Jeremy Hyman is the mastermind behind Jeremy Hyman Associates and has become a well-recognised figure among professional service firms across the UK. The business provides independent technology advice, either on individual projects or by acting as a fractional chief technology officer or (for larger firms) non-executive advisor.

Having spoken about his expertise at dozens of events and provided articles and podcasts to the nation’s leading professional firms, as well as international networks of accountants and legal firms, many know about his services and specialisms. 

However, before choosing a trusted adviser to help shape your firm’s technology and innovation you need to know more about their approach and passions. 

Although Jeremy Hyman recognises that he is “a bit of a nerd” he finds professionals are a great group of people to work with – friendly, honest and clear-thinking. That is why he was inspired to set up Jeremy Hyman Associates to work with them.

Jeremy believes in using technology to free people up from mundane tasks, and have more time to advise clients, develop their skills, and enjoy life.

Jeremy sees technology as a revolutionary tool to reduce the less attractive or valuable tasks and helping professionals to focus on the work that matters most to their clients. 

He hopes that most of his clients would describe him as insightful, approachable and useful. These are three principles that define his Associates, the wider team who provide clear, easily actionable advice and support to professionals up and down the country.

Jeremy approaches his work with gusto and enthusiasm. As he says: 

“We like it when our clients challenge us, and we enjoy the intellectual stimulation of challenging them back – always in a constructive way, of course. But inspiring, leading, and challenging our clients is a big driver for all of us.”

With a real passion for his job and many successes under his belt, Jeremy believes that setting up his company and building it into a dominant force in the independent consulting arena is one of his greatest professional achievements. 

Looking ahead, Jeremy believes finding credible independent advice to be the greatest challenge facing accountants and legal firms when it comes to technology.

The firms that are getting ahead in this era of technology are those that realise that technology can support ever-increasing levels of client care by harnessing technology to give them both more time to spend with clients, and better information to inform and drive the advice they give to them.

So, where might a firm turn for good advice? Traditional avenues each have inherent limitations:

  • Internal teams are reliable but limited in their experience of major projects which only come about occasionally.
  • Peer firms may have solved problems already; but other firms might brag and aren’t always entirely open about the success or hardship of their own projects.
  • And of course, vendors, though ever happy to advise, are intrinsically biased – it is their job to sell their solutions after all!

Poor advice means that many firms end up buying too many solutions and systems, without properly implementing what they have already.  It is often easier to purchase more resources or a new bit of software than it is to comprehend and implement technological improvement. This is ultimately why some new services never reach their full potential or become abandoned. 

Jeremy recognises that management boards want clear advice in non-technical language, aligned to their commercial goals. They want their problems solved, not multiplied!

Partners and managers at firms are always busy, that is easy to see, but they take so much on that they don’t need to, and could benefit from having an outside adviser step in and oversee the work for them. This both reduces their non-chargeable workload, and their expertise improves the chances that their tech projects get delivered on time and to budget.

Jeremy says that too often no one takes the time to explain the impact technology can have, in terms that make sense to them. He and his team deliver clear, informed, independent advice for their clients, and it is what they can do for you too.

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