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Peter has 25 years of experience managing technology and information services at US public accounting firms. He is a proven technology executive with the depth of business knowledge to be a full partner in designing and implementing firmwide business and technology strategies. As a CPA for 25 years and former IT technician, his skill set is a rare mix in today’s world of specialization. Peter has successfully assisted many businesses in aligning technology with their strategic business plan and has been a popular speaker and writer on technology in the public accounting industry.


Peter’s specific skills include:

  • Information technology systems design to meet business goals.
  • Planning a business technology path for the future, based on the firm’s “Technology Profile.”
  • Information systems budgeting using a recurring three-year plan.
  • Security system and business continuity design to align with stakeholder requirements.
  • Technology executive coaching, department personnel hiring and change management.
  • Implementation of policy and model-based technology management


Peter began his career as a CPA and when technology started to be used in the accounting industry, worked his way up from Support Desk to CIO. He successfully managed IT to bring the firm from “the beginning” to become one of the most technologically advanced firms in the United States. His knowledge of CPA firm operations is deep and wide, and he never loses the perspective of client service.

Peter’s unique approach to firm technology management provides owners with a well -documented plan based on the firm’s Technology Profile.

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Peter Henley

Peter Henley

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